Portrait Sibylle Hell

About my work

Silver and Gold, precious stones, natural materials and found objects are used to make my jewellery. My techniques are melting, hammering, embossing, impelling, rolling, chasing and mounting. The base of my work is the joy in playing and experimenting with the materials and the different forms. I am led by my intuition and am influenced by the material in completing my initial idea. As a result individual unique jewellery, which reflects my joy in the creative process, is formed. Although the pieces already have their own inherent beauty, a wonderful new synthesis between the person wearing it and the jewellery is created when being worn.


1955 Born in Mannheim, Germany
1974 - 79 Magister studies in Education, Psychologie and Psychiatrie for children
1979 - 82 Journeys to Spain, USA and Mexico
Glassworkshop with Josie Lenwell in San Francisco
Independent experimenting with glass techniques.
1982 - 93 Shop and studio for glass works in Konstanz, private and public contracts, participation in exhibitions in southern Germany.
1993 - 95 Move to Stuttgart. First glass colliers, learning of gold and silber forging techniques and the beginning of jewellery production.
Since 2000 Member of the National Arts and Crafts Association (BK) and of the Arts and Crafts Association Baden Württemberg (BdK)
Since 2002 Regular participation in silver forging workshops run by the Foundation for Gold and Silver Artworks in Schwäbisch Gmünd under the direction of Doris Raymann-Nowak

Exhibition participation:

Exhibition for Applied Arts of the Land of Baden-Württemberg 2000, 2012
Landesmuseum Stuttgart / Altes Schloß –Museumfair for applied arts every Spring
Handgewandt –Fair for Applied Arts in Heilbronn every autumn
Eunique –International Fair for Applied Arts + Design, Karlsruhe 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013


Annual personal exhibitions in the VILLA HAYDECK together with other artists and colleagues see Current events